How often are the debit cards reissued?

Your debit cards will be reissued every three years for security purposes. The two original cards you were issued will be replaced with no additional cost to you. The replacement cards will arrive before the expiration of your current cards.
If you need cards reissued prior to expiration, you can request cards through After you log in, click on Your Balances from the column on the left. Click on the Profile tab, and then click on Banking/Cards in the left-hand column. From this screen, you will click on Order Replacement. A confirmation screen will appear that asks to verify your address before issuing new cards. Click on Submit after you have verified your home address. If your address is incorrect, please contact your HR department to update it prior to requesting new cards.
Please note, each time you order replacement cards you will receive two cards and be charged $10.00.
Debit cards are not available for use with the Dependent Care FSA.