When do I need to submit my claims?

Throughout the plan year, you may submit claims as often as you like. To verify your submission deadline date, you will need to log in to the website at benefit-info.com/iu. Click on the ? next to your account to see the Final Filing Date. Submissions received after that time will not be accepted. Online claims can be submitted at benefit-info.com/iu.
Healthcare FSA or Healthcare Limited FSA Claims must be submitted no later than February 28 of the following year.
Dependent Care FSA Claims must be submitted no later than April 15 of the following year.
You can also submit claims by filling out a claim form and include documentation for email, mail, and fax submissions. The form is available at benefit-info.com/iu under Forms & Resources. Claims are  processed in the order they are received. Submissions can be sent via email to IUSupport@wexinc.com, by fax to 1-888-887-9961, or by mail to:
c/o FSA
P.O. Box 2905
Fargo, ND 58108-2905