Step 1: Find your username and email address

  • Log in to the member portal
  • Hover over your profile dropdown
  • Here you can find your username and email address (if applicable)
  • To change login information, click ‘Login Information’

Step 2: Reset necessary information

  • If applicable, you can update your username, password, and security questions used for the mobile app
  • To reset your password on the mobile app, security questions need to be completed

Step 3: Reset your password

  • To reset your password within the mobile app, click ‘Forgot Password?’
  • Note – This password is separate from the password used to login to the member portal and only used for the mobile app

Step 4: Complete the password reset process

  • Follow the instructions provided in the app to reset your password
  • Once your password is reset, you can use your username and newly created password to login to the mobile app