How do I report my debit cards as lost or stolen?

You can report your debit cards as lost or stolen by logging into your online […]

How often are the debit cards reissued?

Your debit cards will be reissued every three years for security purposes. The two original […]

How do I change or add my banking account information?

You can change your banking account information at or the Mobile App. After you […]

Will my spouse or dependent be able to obtain account information?

Due to the HIPAA Privacy Rule, WEX Inc. is requiring participants to have an Authorization […]

How do pending cash account transactions impact investment sells?

It will take 3-4 business days for funds to be deposited into your cash account […]

What happens to HSA funds after you reach 65?

At age 65 and older, your funds continue to be available without federal taxes or […]

Who determines whether HSA distributions are for qualified medical expenses?

It is your responsibility to determine whether distributions from your HSA are used for qualified […]

May distributions from an HSA be deferred to later taxable years?

Distributions from your HSA to pay or reimburse qualified medical expenses incurred in the current […]

Is there a limit on how many distributions I can make?

Fortunately, WEX Inc. does not limit the amount of distributions that you can make. Distributions […]