What is the FSA maximum contribution limit?

2024 Healthcare and Healthcare Limited FSA Contribution Maximum: $3,050   2024 Dependent Care FSA Contribution […]

What happens to my account balance at the end of the plan year?

The FSA “Use-or-Lose” rule has been modified to allow a carryover amount for the Healthcare […]

How do I report my debit cards as lost or stolen?

You can report your debit cards as lost or stolen by logging into your online […]

How often are the debit cards reissued?

Your debit cards will be reissued every three years for security purposes. The two original […]

What happens to the money deducted from my paycheck if I terminate employment?

Healthcare FSA and Healthcare Limited FSA You may only be reimbursed for eligible services that […]

Do I need to re-enroll in the FSA each plan year?

Yes, you must make a new election to the Healthcare FSA, Healthcare Limited FSA, or […]

How can I appeal a claim that was denied?

If you do not agree with a denial, your recourse is to submit an appeal […]

How do I change or add my banking account information?

You can change your banking account information at or the Mobile App. After you […]

When looking online, it says that I have a pending payment. What does that mean?

A pending payment means that a claim is waiting to be paid out. Setting up […]

When do I need to submit my claims?

Throughout the plan year, you may submit claims as often as you like. To verify […]